stick around and see what develops

it's dark here; you're likely to be eaten by a photographer

makin' pictures, breakin' rules, forcin' perspective                     

the difference between professional and amateur photographers is not the demand for their work, it's simply if they "take" pictures or "make" pictures. anyone can take a picture, but professionals make them.

this was the best advice given to me by the man who taught me everything I never wanted to know about photography.

welcome to - my creative outlet and rebellion against the notion that there are actually rules to break in the first place. this website (like many of my projects) will never actually be finished but it should evoke an emotional response.

that is by definition art

    cute outfits for every season

    pictures and words about the things that take the pictures i write words about
    • the professional

      bringing home the bacon
    • the student

      where teeth were cut and technique was learned
    • the classic

      there's always room for cameras that remind you of simpler times
    • the pretender

      that other mount that everyone seems to love much more than i do
    • just senior cameras

      the only thing that makes this an "outfit" is the fact that they're all old enough to collect social security
    • everything else

      the cameras and equipment that don't fit nicely anywhere else